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What we do


When a company or public official faces a crisis, the experience of BI-LINE Communications with managing crisis from bombings to embezzlement, can make the difference in a company’s reputation and its bottom line. While it is never ideal to find yourself in a crisis, when you have been trained to identify operational gaps and issues that may lead to a crisis, you will be better prepared for it when it happens.


Crisis management may include:  

  • Brand and reputation management

  • Crisis preparation

  • Engage with stakeholders and strengthen relationships

  • Reduce legal and/or political consequences

  • Situational assessments and mock scenarios

  • Crisis communications plan development

  • Boot camp style media training


Public awareness helps to educate the public about the importance of a critical issue and how they can help to change or make a difference that increases understanding and action.


There are many ways to raise public awareness about an important issue. Different strategies may be utilized from messaging and public education to public relations events.

Developing a clear and sound message that not only resonates but motivates and initiates change. A great messaging plan helps to actively engage audiences to a specific call to action.


A variety of activities may be implemented to further increase understanding of your key issue. It could include events, poster campaigns, websites, social media, multimedia, newspaper op-eds, media relations and other communication tools.   


We understand how government investigations unfold, what role the media, advocacy groups and potential adversaries can play during the course of an investigation, and the circumstances that can prompt government inquiries that lead to private litigation. We work with clients, and if necessary outside legal counsel to develop communications strategies that help to minimize and mitigate reputational damage.


Our services:

Communications counsel

Media training and media relations



Today’s crisis requires strategic, thoughtful messaging that is responsive and persuasive. However messaging is not just a crisis tool, it is a necessary skill in every business environment and requires customized training designed for your company and business.   


A strategic message helps to capture your core principles, key objectives and value proposition. It is not just whom you are talking to but how you are talking to them.

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